As a practising artist, designer I have been involved in a diverse range of work;(see exhibitions list) this includes individual and collaborative projects. I have exhibited Regionally, Nationally and Internationally in a variety of venues and in varying media, to different audiences in the form of murals, paintings, film, print & multi-media platforms.


As an Art and Design teacher with 28 years experience I was involved with a diverse range of students from six year olds to over sixties. I have written and delivered cost recovery courses; anticipated and developed areas to extend provision. Alongside this I have continued to enhance my own personal awareness and professional capacity through my own continued practice.


I have a vast experience as both student and educator. As a result of this I have a great respect for and belief in the power of visual education and communication and see it as one of the great levellers that can, in practice, enhance all other areas life and is something I use to great effect in my therapeutic practise.  This is something I explored in great detail in my MA study. The study looked at the development of a visual information package, addressing the teaching of visual literacy, specific to Key Stages 1&2 of the Art & Design National Curriculum.


My research involved the analysis of pedagogical theory and practice past and present. I worked closely with two schools (both staff and students) to test out my own theory and practical approaches and to provide a body of work for the students and staff to extend upon. I am at present looking to develop further the work carried out during my MA studies, and I am researching funding and sponsorship to allow me to work with multi-media designers and experts within the new technologies to produce a CD Rom/book-teaching package.


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